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5 steps to take before looking at a Mobile Home for Sale

Posted by holidaylife on April 13, 2018
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Are you considering a manufactured home as a holiday home or as a permanent home? You’re probably wondering how you’ll start staying in a caravan park and most likely looking forward to the experience. Here are a few ideas to guide you on how to live in a caravan park after buying a mobile home for sale.

Buy or Rent

Have you made a conscious decision to live in a caravan park? Decide on whether to buy a new, pre-owned or rent a mobile home for sale. Plan your stay in a caravan park while making keen considerations to your budget. Are you comfortable buying or renting? If you’re ready to buy, does your budget allow you to buy a new mobile home for sale or a pre-loved one? These are some of the important questions you should ask yourself before moving into a caravan park.

Occupation Consent

Before moving into a caravan park, get consent from the park management to move into the park. Avoid legal issues you may due to illegal occupation. Ensure the park management is informed about your plans to live in their caravan park in advance. Follow site agreements and follow occupation rules to avoid your stay in the caravan park being cut short.

Site agreement

Before moving into a caravan park, enquire whether you’re supposed to purchase a home within the caravan park or whether you’re allowed to bring in your own mobile home within the park. Making enquiries about site rules regarding occupation will ensure you stay is peaceful while staying in the park knowing your following all the stipulated rules.

Buying Principles

Most buyers think the process followed for buying mobile homes is different from purchasing brick homes. This is not so, the process of purchasing mobile homes is the same as those followed while buying mortar or brick homes. The buyer should be aware during the process to avoid being misled during the process.

Consider Site Agreements

Before moving into a caravan park, ensure you check site agreements. As a homeowner go through all the site agreements and make a decision to stay in the caravan park or not. You might even be able to negotiate on some of the rules with park management and together come up with a viable solution that works for you and the management.

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